Unique CRM for your business

None of the ready-to-use CRMs can meet all demands of your industry. It is possible to develop an absolutely unique product designed specifically for your requirements that includes all necessary catalogues and features for your needs.


CRM requirements development

We have vast experience in developing CRMs and can design a product in progress of communication with you.

Setup on customer’s server

The final product is set up on your server which makes you completely independent.

Unlimited number of users and data amount

There are no limits for the final product: unrestricted number of users, loaded data, images and videos.

Secrecy of all details, specifics and solutions of the project

We sign a non-disclosure agreement on your demand which specifies what we are and not allowed to disclose.

Unique design specifically developed for your requirements

We offer a system development both based on a ready template and from scratch.

Possibility to use CRM for a franchise

We can design CRM in a way that you could permit access for your customers to the system and receive subscription fees from users.

Work conditions

Progress payments up to 50% after CRM is handed over

The entire project is separated in stages (usually 4-5 stages); we receive payment separately for each stage. You see the result after every separate stage.

Budget ranges from 200,000 to 1,000,000 rubles

Average price for the completed CRM is 350,000 rubles.

You choose the duration of warranty cover

Any agreement that we sign includes at least 2 months of warranty cover. We may increase duration on your demand.

Duration may vary from 1 to 6 months

Average duration of CRM development is 3 months

You can use CRM on any device you want

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Development process



You leave the application on our site or by phone.


A 15 minutes phone or Skype call

We negotiate for a small conference with project manager and our representatives. During this, we set the estimated price and terms.


Development of requirements

In case you don’t have a detailed technical requirements, our specialist will compile this document together with you. In fact, we are developing the entire system for you.


Deployment of the CRM system

We carry out the task in several stages which are discussed and specified in agreement in advance. You can see implemented features after every stage.


Testing and handover of the CRM

We check performance capabilities of the system together with you.


Payment for the rest of work and setup on your server

After you’ve approved that the system is fully operable and meets all requirements, you pay for the last stage of development. We set up CRM on your server.

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